Fellowship Program and Rafik Hariri Professorship

Gebran G. Tueni Human Rights Fellowship Program at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy – Harvard University: John F. Kennedy School of Government

In September 2009 the Gebran G. Tueni Human Rights Fellowship Program was inaugurated at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy. In addition to funding this fellowship program, the Foundation worked with the Carr Center to advise on the administration of the program and the selection of candidates for the program. Over a period of two years the program supported a total of four recipients at the rate of two per year as they conducted research on human rights policy and participated in a broader dialogue with students, faculty, and researchers in the Harvard community. The fellows selected for the 2009/2010 fellowship cycle were Ms. Rima Merhi, a Lebanese journalist, and Mr. Ali Allawi, an Iraqi scholar, statesman, historian, and former holder of several ministerial posts in the transitional Iraqi national government. The fellows selected for the 2010/2011 cycle were Dr. Zeena Zakharia, a Lebanese Palestinian specialist in human rights education, and Ms. Shoubo Rasheed Jalal, an Iraqi public health specialist with a particular interest in the social and protection rights of the Iraqi girl child and in the right to health care in Iraq.


Raifk Hariri Professorship of International Political Economy – The Kennedy School of Government regularly updates the Foundation with reports on the courses taught and scholarship published by the holder of this professorship. Currently the chair is held by Professor Rohini Pande.