Message from the President

In 2010 the Hariri Foundation-USA marked its 25th anniversary. Now, in this our 26th year, as we look back over the last 25 years, we are truly thankful for having been given the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of more than 3,000 Lebanese students who benefitted from our sponsorship programs in North America. Knowing that so many of our alumni have the skills and knowledge to contribute in a major way to Lebanon’s development strengthens our hopes for a brighter future for Lebanon.

Having passed the 25th year milestone, we are ever more mindful of the extraordinary vision and magnanimity of the late Rafik B. Hariri, our deeply esteemed founder, whose exemplary devotion to Lebanon continues to inspire and guide us. That same vision and example now serve to inspire his family whose commitment to all that he tried to accomplish for Lebanon endures with unflagging fidelity.

The Hariri Foundation in Lebanon, our staff members, the organizations and universities with which we have been privileged to partner, the Hariri alumni who lend their support to the Foundation, and the many friends of the Foundation have all played a role in helping us to achieve our mission during the last 25 years. For this we are and will always be deeply grateful. To our benefactors, our colleagues in Lebanon, our alumni, our friends, our institutional and organizational partners we extend our sincere good wishes for success in all their endeavors on behalf of a Lebanon in which freedom, prosperity, and respect for both human dignity and human rights are ascendant.

Rafic A. Bizri