Practical Training and Career Programs

Beginning in January 1989 Practical Training/Career Programs began to assist Hariri Foundation students and alumni in establishing career strategies and obtaining employment whether for practical training in the U.S. or permanent employment in Lebanon.

Practical Training Approximately 608 Hariri Foundation students successfully completed a degree (s) and obtained practical training employment in their field of study.

Career Programs The department provided a linkage between registrants with its Resume Data Banks and employers in the Middle East.  Beginning in May 1994 the Foundation expanded its services to all Lebanese students and professional expatriates in North America.  A snapshot of these programs in February 1997 revealed  the following data:


Student Resume Data Bank: 369 resumes on hand

  • 261 Foundation Students/Alumni
  • 108 Other

Executive Resume Data Bank: 87 resumes on hand

  • 85 Other
  • 2 Foundation Alumnus

Employers Registered to Receive Resumes:  152

  • 64 in Lebanon
  • 50 in Middle East
  • 28 Others (Practical Training in U.S. or final destination unknown)

Registrants with Confirmed Employment:

  • 101
  • 48 in Lebanon
  • 53 in Middle East