M.I.T – A.U.B. Projects

To enhance employment opportunities for our alumni and to help lay the groundwork for reconstruction and development activities, the Foundation funded ten research projects on which the American University of Beirut and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology collaborated.  Each of these projects focussed on major problems that Lebanon was facing as it increased the pace and scope of national recovery.

The research projects which M.I.T. and A.U.B. undertook included the following:

  1. Wastewater Treatment and Disposal for Communities Along the Coast of Lebanon.
  2. Refuse Disposal with Energy Recovery in Greater Beirut.
  3. Reconstruction of the Lebanese Electric Power System.
  4. Dynamics and Control of the Existing and Planned Lebanese Electric Power System.
  5. Rebuilding the Residential Structure of Metropolitan Beirut.
  6. The Use of Geographic Information Systems in Rebuilding the Urban Structure of Metropolitan Beirut.
  7. Passenger Transportation Options for a Revitalized Beirut.
  8. Development of Multimedia Educational Technology Packages on Water Resources and on the Environment.
  9. Assessment and Development of Human Resources for the Industrial and Technological Sectors.

Each of the projects above resulted in concrete results, which will have a long-term beneficial effect on the quality of life for the Lebanese.